If you’re looking for a convenient alternative to waxing, then sugaring is certainly something you’re likely to be interested in. This type of hair removal has been used since at least 1900 B.C. This method is often preferred to traditional waxing because it sticks mostly to the hair and not the skin. This helps reduce pain significantly when compared to regular wax especially for Brazilian wax or bikini wax.

At our spa, we make our own sugar wax and it’s always fresh since we make it in small batches every few days. The ingredients in our mixture are natural and high quality which makes it 100% safe for your skin. We don’t use European wax or any other imported wax. This method is perfect for sensitive skin which can be used on anyone even during pregnancy.

Sugar waxing is very popular in California, but not every makes their own wax! This method is the best way to reduce pain when it comes to waxing. As a fantastic alternative to conventional waxing, it’s’ safe to say that this ancient method has a wide variety of benefits to offer, and many people are choosing this hair removal treatment. Here are some benefits offered so let’s take a closer look.

Clean Up Is Easy

Another drawback to waxing is that it usually messy and leaves your skin sticky if the wax is not completely removed. Even after removing all wax your skin can still feel sticky. Our wax is water soluble which makes it very easy to clean and only requires a little water to remove.

It’s healthier for your skin

In general, natural sugar wax is far healthier for your skin – especially compared to wax. Many spas use wax that has harsh and unknown chemical that can irritate the skin especially for people with sensitive skin. Our wax is made in house which allows us to control the quality of the ingredients we use. We believe in using only natural wax and we implement that same level of care to our wax.

Anti-Bacterial Benefits

With the high-level concentration of sugar, it is very difficult for bacteria to grow in such an environment. Since sugar likes to absorb water, it prevents bacterial from having any access to water which it needs for survival and reproduction. Bacterial simply can not breed in places with a high sugar content


It’s highly effective

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of this method is the fact that it’s so effective! Of course, seeing as it has so many advantages over conventional wax, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s not very effective – but in reality – it’s often more effective than hard and soft wax.

Less Hair Breaking

One of the main problems with waxing is hair breakage. When the hair is broken it is grows back much quicker and forces people to come back earlier than expected for their next waxing appointment. Regular hard wax and soft wax can dry up when applied which sometimes results in hair breakage. With our wax, it bonds to the hair shaft and flows down to the hair follicle. It also helps lubricate the hair which helps to remove hair deeper within and causing less pain.

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