At Waxing and Skincare by Celeste, our specialty is the Brazilian wax. Our spa in El Cajon has a unique way of doing our intimate waxing  services. Our waxing specialists use a combination of 100% organic bees wax (hard wax), eucalyptus oil infused soft wax, and our popular made by us, 100% natural sugar wax (sugaring paste) to perform the best Brazilian wax in San Diego. With our experience and feedback from our clients, we have narrowed down which types of wax are best suited for each specific part of the body. Taking into account pain factor and efficiency, we do our depilation a little different from other spas. There is no such thing as painless depilation, but the pain can be minimized with the proper technique from our depilation experts and also using the right kind of wax. Our sugar wax is what helps our clients minimize the pain. We don’t use imported European wax or imported Wax, we believe in buying local, supporting local business, purchasing from U.S. based business, and our wax center only uses 100% made in the USA wax! America is very well capable of producing the same quality of imported wax and in many times better. Our sugar wax is 100% natural and it is even edible. Sugaring is perfect for sensitive skin so if our wax is safe to eat, do you think it will be safe on your skin? Intimate depilation is more and more popular each year and our spa is dedicated to allowing everyone to try it at least once.


There are many clients who visit our spa asking for a waxing service and many times they don’t know exactly what they are asking for. This intimate depilation service should not be confused with a bikini wax.  This type of service removes of all hair in the pubic area all the way back to your anus. Complete hair removal just like you came into the world. This depilation procedure has many names such as full bush, Hollywood, kitty, European, playboy , full, California or “landing strip” versions. Are all these names confusing yet? The different names for bikini area hair removal can be very confusing. When coming to our spa simply tell us what you want to be removed and what you want to keep. When you walk out our spa, you can give your service its own custom name!