Body Waxing

Waxing San Diego

Upon hearing about a body wax, many people cringe at the thought of the pain from the procedure. Regardless of how efficient and straightforward body waxing might seem, to most people, the pain is not worth it. However, you don’t need to fear it anymore. That’s because, with the help of a professional esthetician, you can get your body hair waxed with very minimal discomfort. If you’re looking for the best San Diego waxing places, look no further than waxing experts. Here, the estheticians have perfected body waxing hair removal procedures to provide efficient Brazilian or leg waxes without any pain or discomfort.


The Waxing Techniques We Use

Our primary focus is on removing body hair using the most sanitary procedures and reducing the pain. We are geared to providing top levels of satisfaction for all our customers as well as overall protection during any procedures conducted at our establishment. Here are some of the techniques used to guarantee these priorities to all our clients.



Full Body Waxing Services

Using a wax that removes hair effectively as well as being gentle on the skin. We understand that different people have varying skin types. Therefore, we use hard and strip wax as desired. Besides that, the wax also contains aromatherapy ingredients that are gentle on the skin. As a result, we can remove both long and short hair on the body and can go as short as an eighth of an inch. Even better, the wax is always used at low temperatures to provide extra comfort to all our clients. Therefore, it can be reapplied on waxed areas without any irritation or discomfort, perfect for the most sensitive skin. Find out more about men’s waxing services.


Brazilian and Bikini Waxing

We also offer bikini waxing ranging from basic bikini to full Brazilian wax and in-between. If you have always admired having a smooth bikini line but are scared of the pain from waxing, you have come to the right place. Here, you can get the best Brazilian wax to keep your bikini line looking good this summer, without any discomfort. First, we understand that getting a bikini wax is very private, and we keep it so. We use hair removal procedures that get any unwanted hair from your private parts very quickly and gently. Don’t worry because Wax and Clean employees make sure that everything is not painful and very comfortable. If you want proof, we can refer you to some of our previous clients who keep coming back because of the gentle waxing service we provide. Since we are located in San Diego County, it would be an easy trip for anybody in the area looking to get a bikini wax. Contact us immediately through 619. 495.2904 and make an appointment.


Leg Waxing ( Full Or Half)

In San Diego where people have to wear shorts practically every day, shaving your legs can be quite tedious. If you shave daily, you’re likely to experience irritation, get ingrown hairs, nicks and also stubble. Your legs will not be as smooth as if you waxed them. Try waxing your legs for the best results.


Arm Waxing (Underarm Or Full Arm)

Many women don’t want underarm hair, especially those with thick or coarse hair. So, if you’re looking for waxing in San Diego, Ca and need to get rid of your underarm or full arm hair, we are the best place to be.

Some of the waxing services we provide include the following:

• Landing Strip Brazilian

• Clean Slate Brazilian

• Bikini

• Toes or fingers

• Buttocks/Tush

• Full Back

• Lower Back

• Upper Chest

• Chest and Stomach

• Lower Stomach (Abdominal)

• Full Leg

• Upper Leg

• Shoulders

• Full Arm

• Half Arm

Just as the name suggests, you can get painless, clean and smooth waxing at our spa. Besides the waxing techniques mentioned above, we also offer others including facial waxing and much more. So if you’re looking for more information about any of the hair removal procedures mentioned above, contact us immediately. If you need to know any of our other locations, contact our spa and get directions for the best waxing results.


Sugar Wax Services – Painless Waxing Hair Removal

Does hard wax or soft wax not agree with your skin? Are you tired of ingrown hairs after your hair removal sessions? Our sugar wax is perfect for people who have sensitive skin and still want to continue getting their waxing hair removal treatments.