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Have you been contemplating a Brazilian wax? The Brazilian wax is everything you love about the standard bikini wax, but with a little more on top (or perhaps a little less). Unlike your standard bikini wax, which focuses primarily on the bikini line, Brazilian waxing gets the hair everywhere in that region including the front, the back, the area in between, and anus region. If you’ve never even had a standard bikini wax, then perhaps that is the best place to start, but since we specialize in this services we recommend doing the full Brazilian. We start by applying either hard wax, soft wax or sugar wax to the area depending on what is needed. We offer a unique style of waxing and have narrowed down which type of wax is better for certain parts of the area. We are very conscious about pain and our technique will definitely help have a more pleasant experience.

What To Expect

The average Brazilian wax can take anywhere between fifteen minutes up to half an hour, and we allocate 30 min for each client to ensure we have adequate time to give your the best possible service. The process is conducted in a private room with a fully trained, qualified , and licensed professional esthetician. After entering the room you have the opportunity to remove the clothes from the waist down and then lie flat on your back on a table. We also offer a small towel to cover yourself. You’ll be asked to position your body in various ways and we do keep in mind comfort when asking. Always remember we are professionals and this is what we do day in and day out and we are comfortable doing this, but we also make sure you are comfortable too.

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Women's Waxing Services

We offer full body waxing for women from Brazilian to leg waxing.

Men's Waxing Services

We offer full body waxing for men from Manzilia male Brazilian to back waxing services

Male Hair Removal

Service Price
Full Back Wax $45
Back and Shoulders $50
Shoulders $20
Chest Wax $38
Abdominal Area $28
Full Arms w/ Hands $43
Full Arms $38
Half Arms $20
Underarms $20
Nose Wax (Inside) $15
Cheeks (Face) $12

Brazilian & Bikini

Service Price
Manzilian – Male Brazilian Wax $75
Male Bikini Wax $65
Buttocks w/ anus area $45
Buttocks only $30
Anus area $20
Full Legs $60
Upper Legs $35
Lower Legs $30
Feet & Toes $15
Manzilian + Full Leg $135
Men’s Bikini  + Full Leg $125


We provide skin care services that included treatments like facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.

Facials & Microderm

Service Price
Classic European Facial $85
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial $100
Back Facial Treatment $100
Microdermabrasion $95
Microdermabrasion (Series of 3) $270

Chemical Peels

Service Price
Signature Lift Peel $120
Wrinkle Lift Peel $120
Lightening Peel $120
Paris Peel $130
30% AHA Pumpkin Peel $100




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